Business is tough enough without confrontation. No-one benefits from a war of words. But it’s a sad fact that it happens all too often in the building industry. We want to enjoy our work and be proud of the service and product we collectively deliver.


We always aim to start with the clearest possible understanding of our Client’s and Supply Chain aims, requirements and the results they want to achieve.

Clear and open

We aim to make things as clear, as open and as honest as we can, at every stage of the process. We react quickly to any problems, sort them out fast and resolve any issues in a non-adversarial and amicable way. We’ve never been involved in a court case in all of our years of trading.


We strive to ensure that we are consistent and fair in our approach. We keep our promises and do what we say.


We commit wholeheartedly to any project we undertake. We promise that:
• We’ll provide all the resources needed to complete projects on time, on budget and to the highest standards
• We’ll promote a teamwork ethos with clients, consultants and our supply chain
• We’ll understand our Client’s requirements for the project and for its lifetime
• We’ll provide a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and contractors on site and at our offices
• We’ll make sure our activities have minimal impact on the environment and local people
• We’ll adhere to all statutory and regulatory requirements and industry codes of practice, particularly health, safety and environmental legislation