Keys to the future

Women in construction week 4th March to 10th March 2024

Claire Craig – Design Co-ordinator 

Claire always enjoyed design subjects and TV programmes like Grand Designs when she was at school, so when she found out she could have a career designing buildings, she decided to go to university to study Architecture. All Claire’s roles since have bought out my interest in construction and she now gets to enjoy being involved in design and being on site.

The idea that Claire could influence the world around her was a big draw, but the biggest influence was seeing new sustainable buildings on the TV and in magazines and it helped her realise how important building sustainably is, Claire wanted in on that!

My current role is as a Design Coordinator. A typical day would involve reviewing drawing and specification packages from a range of designers, including architects, engineers and specialists and feeding back information that will help the construction process progress more smoothly.

Future of industry – I think construction can only get better the more diverse and inclusive it is. Everyone has a role to play, and I hope one day it becomes the norm to not be the only woman or minority around the table. Having said that, I have very rarely been made to feel out of place within the industry, it is usually the general public that seem more surprised to see me rock up with my hard hat and measuring tape!

Regarding “Keys to the Future” theme – To me it means young women feeling empowered to follow their own path, without being pushed in a certain direction because of ‘traditional’ views. I really hope to see more women leading the way in sustainable design and construction.

Closing thoughts – Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s too easy to get bogged down in one little thing that might be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Carly Turnage – Buyer

Carly comes from a family of builders so when she left floristry it seemed a fitting route.

Carly previously worked in sales of construction materials as work experience and realised she wanted to be a buyer.

Future of construction industry – I think you see more women in office based roles than site or trade roles because it is a friendlier atmosphere. I’ve encountered a lot of sexism in my time in this industry. Until this is rooted out, you will always see a disproportionate representation of women in construction. Which is a shame as I think they have a lot to offer the industry. Also, the industry needs to take a better stance on maternity pay and flexible working in order to entice & retain women. It has been male dominated for so long that I think little progression has been made to entice or promote equality.

Regarding “Keys to the Future” theme – Keys give connotations of the opening of something. I would like to think it is the opening up of minds. If it isn’t the future will look very much the same.

Closing thoughts – Stress is like running on a treadmill, it is really tiring and gets you nowhere.