Garrod Building

The complete refurbishment of the Grade II listed Garrod Building in Whitechapel for QMUL.

What Did The Job Involve?

The complete refurbishment of the Grade II listed Garrod Building in Whitechapel. Formerly housing the library of the Royal London Hospital, it is now a teaching space with an extensive collection of medical school research material. It also houses the Royal London Hospital Museum including the skeleton of John Merrick, the Elephant Man. The project involved the complete internal refurbishment of the building including the creation of new spaces for the student union in the form of offices, a cafe, a bar, a function room and gym. Teaching areas including the Milton and Ex Anatomy lecture theatres were refurbished.

New air handling units were lifted onto the roof and new heating and ventilation were provided to most spaces. The electricity supply had to be upgraded to cope with the additional demand caused by the new mechanical plant and commercial kitchen.

Over 150 doors were replaced many of which were in existing thick masonry walls. All ceilings were largely replaced and all areas were decorated. The flooring was replaced with a mixture of Milliken carpet and Amtico. The old library was restored to its former art deco glory with restoration work required to damaged plaster mouldings and the chandeliers.

What Were The Challenges?

There were many challenges to overcome most of which were associated with working an old building. Asbestos was required to be removed, damp eradicated and damaged drains cleared and renewed.

The site was land locked and agreement was reached with the NHS to lift from their neighbouring land. Deliveries had to be managed to avoid blocking local roads and with no external storage available all materials and plant had to be manoeuvred by hand on to site.

Beardwell’s Added Value

Added value was provided through budgeting, programming and through working with numerous client contractors and stakeholders. Extensive out of hours working enabled teaching areas to be handed over in time for the new term.